Solar Panel Simulator (Ireland)

Start by entering your location. It’s okay if you don’t know some technical details, the default values are reasonable for Irish households.

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Your smart meter data is available from ESB Networks, no matter who your electricity supplier is.

Calculate including/excluding VAT, as you prefer. The results will correspondingly include/exclude VAT.

Simulated bills are for electricity charges only (not including standing charges/PSO levy)

Self consumption estimates are based on occasional mild efforts to match consumption with generation. Batteries, power diverters, or a moderate/strong effort to match your electricity usage to peak solar hours can increase savings

This app is based typical meteorological year climate data for your location. If your energy consumption is highly correlated with the weather, then the estimated split between exports and on-site consumption may be less accurate.

Make sure to shop around for the best deal on electricity. To make the calculations easy, try our electricity tariff comparison tool.